A Family story

Retrospective of our Project - Open since December 1, 2022

For me and my husband this project is a professional renewal, a challenge. Personally, I have this need to flourish by bringing a warm, jovial, sparkling, generous and creative side. It is in fact, everything that represents me, and I want to share it with people who wish to recharge their batteries in our gites. By theming our cottages, I hope to bring the feeling of feeling at home or almost! The landscaped garden will allow you to find a friendly side and the surrounding setting should support this feeling of well-being that I wish for our future tenants.

You should know that this project was thought out and created long before the pandemic, in 2018. We therefore took the time to do things well to satisfy our desires and your needs. We have personalized our services with little touches that will warm your heart such as tailor-made lunches or even simplified access to real local products without having to run around. We want to share with you, our little corners of paradise, our favorite outdoor activities, without spending too much.

Finally, it pleases us to accentuate the traditions/holidays that we love and that warm our hearts (Christmas, Easter, etc.). Each day spent in the cottage, reinforces us on this idyllic place made to relax with this forest of oaks which surrounds us, the song of the birds or even better the crossing of certain majestic animals at dawn. What a pleasure to see the simple things that nature has to offer us!

From our side, the goal is to refocus our family, to rediscover the benefits of nature, communicate, exchange, create memories without calculating everything. In short; disconnect; live in the present without thinking about tomorrow, and we hope to share this with you, to make your stay an unforgettable experience.


See you soon !

Coralie et Sébastien